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Three Links to Bless You This Christmas

This should be a season of hope and joy. For too many, however, a distressing year is ending in uncertainty and woe. I want to encourage you, and it came to me that my 2 children can do better at that right now than I can. They, too, are navigating through this pandemic. They empathize with the hurting and are sharing the healing grace they are finding in Christ. Please let them share their ministry with you. If you love their offerings as I do, please pass it on to others in need.

First, I pray that Hannah Ford will open your heart to renewing streams of Living Water pouring into the depths of your heart. Her first song (an original), "Precious Child," is a worship song that, despite our circumstances, directs us to turn our hearts and lives to Him in adoration. He is so worthy and, of course, is the world's only true hope. This song and video are so beautifully done from her living room. Yet, she managed to insert harmonies and sacred art to compliment the music. What a sweet offering to Jesus!

Hannah knows what it is to suffer, yet she transcends it and points the way to pure worship. In a rare and beautiful worship offering, her second song, "O Holy Night," lights up the room with awe and reverence. I hope you feel it, too. I pray it heals whatever ache you feel in your soul. I believe the power of the Spirit in these songs will do it.

Second, Billy Ford has a wonderful Christmas sermon to encourage you in this hour. This very timely message from last Sunday is entitled, "Christmas, God's Answer to Evil." It deals masterfully with the problem of suffering and evil. If you feel the need for a biblically sound, reassuring, and faith-filled message, please listen. The main bullet points include: Through the incarnation, God . . .

1. Stands with us during evil

2. Sympathizes with us in evil

3. Shows us how to navigate evil

4. Saves us from our own evil

5. Secures victory over evil

It also includes a delightful short video entitled "A Social Media Christmas" and an engaging prayer and call for people to come to Jesus.

I sincerely hope and pray that you will share this with others who find themselves wandering in darkness and confusion. May the Light of Christ shine brilliantly, bringing renewed health, clarity, vision, hope, and purpose. May we all feel the love of God drawing us into His strong and secure arms. Amen.

Hannah's songs:

"Precious Child"

"O Holy Night"

Billy's message, "Christmas, God's Answer to Evil"

If these links bless you in some way, please leave a comment below. Also, I am always available for your prayer requests. Thanks, and a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and Happy and Hope-filled New Year to you!

One more thing! It's been a long time in coming, but I be posting what I believe to be a powerful article for the New Year! Don't delete it before reading it!


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