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The Pilgrim’s Progress: Faithfully Retold in Today’s English

Winner of the 1992 Gold Medallion Award 

Newly repackaged and published in November 2016


For more than 300 years Christians have found life within the pages of The Pilgrim's Progress. This edition by Cheryl Ford provides a fresh, modern rendering as biblical truths are weaved into a simple yet profound story that reveals the treacheries of the human heart and the power of conquering faith. Many modern translations of this Christian classic leave out significant parts or add passages not included in John Bunyan's original. But this translation is different. It faithfully presents the complete text (including the pilgrimages of Christian and Christiana) in contemporary English. In addition, it includes Scripture cross-references throughout; a comprehensive index to all the people, places, and spiritual symbols; a comprehensive index of every Scripture used; and a few discussion questions related to each chapter. Find it on Amazon here:

The Pilgrim's Progress Discipleship Course


Not merely a book for our reading pleasure, The Pilgrim’s Progress is a profoundly theological book for instructing Christian “pilgrims.” Bunyan challenged readers not to be casual about his story but to study and meditate on the truths presented. His method was to hide many precious nuggets of biblical truth within his allegorical casing. Expressly intending for us to dig out and find these truths, he challenges, “Ponder my metaphors.... What if my gold is wrapped up in ore?” With this in mind, The Pilgrim’s Progress Discipleship Course takes students on an exciting journey of discovery where they dig past surface ore into the pure gold of the Christian faith. And there is so much gold to be found! This study will help individuals and groups to go deep with God and His Word. As you progress through the lessons, you will find your Christian pilgrimage enriched immeasurably. 

Pilgrim's Progress Devotional:

A Daily Journey through the Christian Life

(Hardcover Collectors Edition; Very limited number)


Breaking Bunyan's timeless work into devotional segments, this book adds meditations, Scriptures, and prayers to reinvigorate quiet times and throw new light on a classic that has been a beacon to millions. Each day, you not only get a progressive reading of the story, but you receive a related inspirational meditation, applicable scriptures to ponder, and guided prayer.

The Pilgrim's Progress:

Faithfully Retold in Today's English

(Hardcover Collectors Edition; Very limited number)


This beautiful volume is Cheryl Ford's original award-winning book. It includes Timothy Botts calligraphy in color. 



The Women of the Word series covers valuable lessons from the Bible’s most fascinating women. Click a book to learn more.

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