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“There is 21st century gold to be mined from Bunyan’s 17th Century classic. We need to keep touch with timeless realities that have been transmitted to us by our forebears in Christ. Cheryl Ford’s work is a devotional that I hope will find a place in the lives of multitudes.”

JACK HAYFORD, D.Litt. (well-known pastor, author and speaker)





Cheryl Ford is a gifted author and compelling speaker!  She effectively conveys powerful insights on a range of subjects from Christian Classic literature to achieveable strategies of sharing the faith. She does all of this within a consistent framework of a faithful, vibrant, worldview. Her warm, humble and attractive personality shines through whenever we hear her teach! We welcome every opportunity to hear God through the work of Cheryl Ford, and highly recommend her to you! -- 

Dr. John and Maureen Grove, Columbus Baptist Church, Columbus, NJ

Cheryl Ford spoke four messages at our Women’s Retreat on the topic of Lighthouses and how our Christian walk has many similarities. She wove in legendary historical stories and quotes of real lighthouses that were alive and intriguing. Her talks were Biblical, compelling, and transforming. I highly recommend Cheryl’s teachings.”

Julie Hansen, Co-Director, Christian Renewal Center, Silverton, OR


What a great weekend!  Thanks again so much!. . . I have heard only great things from the week-end.  I learned a new appreciation for lighthouses.  I loved the stories behind them, and the correlation between them and our spiritual lives. . . Our ladies are going to enjoy reading and sharing the challenges from the Triumphs of the Heart. . .  I’m looking forward to spending my summer reading your Pilgrim’s Progress book.

 Cheryl Newberry, Calvary Chapel, San Diego, CA


I cannot thank you enough for how you opened your heart at the retreat.  The Lord really used you . . .  to speak life back into my life and soul.  I felt like the valley of dry bones coming into that retreat and I feel like I have a new lease on life again.  

D Jacobsen


I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your speech on Thursday morning at Women's Transformation Ministries.  You have an easy speech style that make people feel comfortable and relates well to you. 

Naomi Peterson













I cannot heap enough words of praise on Cheryl Ford's modern English translation of John Bunyan's immortal and beloved classic of both Christian and World Literature! As an Advanced Placement English Instructor of two decades, I had searched for years for a modern English translation that did justice to the powerful themes and allegorical meanings of Bunyan's original, and this is simply the best version. It is a very faithful, literal translation, yet beautifully lyrical and easy to read. This edition also has many helpful notes and appendices to aid in grasping the meanings, in addition to innumerable scriptural cross-references in the margins of the pages. These are the reasons I go to great lengths to secure copies of Ford's translation each year for my Advanced Placement English students to study.


"Praise the Lord! Many people are growing in grace at our church through our study in this book. Presently, I am going through a modified study in our Youth group. We are thankful to have your translation of this most insightful, fascinating and penetrating story by Bunyan. I have probably now either read or listened to PP 40 times. I am learning more and more each time. By the abounding grace of God in Christ."


"Thank you for writing this eloquent and genuinely meaningful book. I am a preschool teacher and spending time with this devotional each morning has been a blessing in many wonderful ways. May God's beautiful path for you continue to bear deeply enriching fruits of the spirit as you continue on your journey."


"I recently bought 3 of your books when you and your husband were here in Spokane at the Park Heights Baptist Church. I am reading Healing for the Heart. I am so very thankful for the stories in this book - how you gave insight to these women's lives and what they went through. I can see pieces of my life and other friends lives in all these stories. I've read about them in the bible many times, but never really stopped to think about all they went through, and that they are women just like us and how God worked in and through their circumstances even when they didn't really realize just how much He does. It gives hope to me, we can know that God is working all things according to His will and our good - we need only trust and obey. I just wanted to say thank you! Oh, and I could really relate to that shy young girl that didn't fit in in school.  God has helped me with finding my worth in Him as well - All glory to Him!!! God bless you and your work."


I can't thank you enough for writing that Pilgrim's Progress Devotional, God has used it to get us through many things. My family and I have been following God with all our hearts. God has led us on a path that even most Christians think is radical and dangerous. We are truly on a wonderful adventure. But at times, things appear to be overwhelming and don't make sense. These are the times your book has been a life saver. I have read it multiple times. Obviously, you spent a lot of time and effort on the book. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


"Your translation of "Pilgrim's Progress" was a deep pleasure to read. I consider it a masterpiece! For years, I had intended to read this classic. I am so happy I've waited for now. Your edition is a fresh, modern rendering of this Christian classic. I compliment you on the marvelous retelling of John Bunyan's work! The beautiful calligraphy by Botts was so appreciated. Thank you more than I can express for the privilege of reading your work."


"I've been reading your book Triumphs of the Heart, and it has really been blessing me!  I was reading your chapter about the Valiant Heart (Deborah) just before I got a phone call asking if I would be the speaker at a woman's Christmas Tea at one of our churches.  I want you to know I am not at all a natural at public speaking.  But it was as if the Lord was saying to me, OK, now put what you have been reading into practice.  Yikes!  So I told the pastor I would pray about it and get back to him.  I called the next day and said yes."



I wanted to send a very overdue thanks to you for your retelling of “The Pilgrim’s Progress”.  I first read it soon after it came out and you really made Bunyan’s story come alive.  Now “Walk with Me: Pilgrim’s Progress for Married Couple” is (published) by Moody Publishers.  As people ask me how I got to Bunyan, I’m telling them about your version.



Your book, Triumphs of the Heart, is a blessing in my life. I want to thank you again. Next Wednesday I will be preaching to the women in the afternoon at church, I will be sharing the part of Anna: The Watchful Heart with the ladies. I want to share it because it talked to me too much the way you put in the book. I hope you allow me to do that, so they can be blessed too.


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