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Check out the Books link for descriptions of these products.

Unfortunately, my store shopping cart will not work right now. For purchasing, please contact me directly at, and I will take your order. I am truly sorry for this inconvenience and am working on the issue.  Bless you! 

If you would like your book(s) autographed, let me know! (Also, see the bottom of this page for an additional special offer.) -- Cheryl 


** A limited offer from Cheryl for homeschoolers or other youth who will receive The Pilgrim's Progress resources:

I know how important our young people are and want them to have something  extra from the Lord and  me. When you place the order, include the name(s), and I will pray over each one and write an individualized encouraging message/blessing to insert in each of their books. I do this to help them along on their life's pilgrimage. Of course, because my resources of time and energy are exhaustable, I make this a limited offer. Bless you!

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