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Women of the Word

Treasures from the Heart: The Value of Godly Character


Christian women everywhere desire to see God work in their heart. Cheryl Ford looks at the defining characteristics of several Bible women and how the condition of their heart reflected their relationship with God. Using background details, anecdotes and illustrations, she applies their stories to God's daughters today so that they may sift out worthless treasure in favor of true spiritual riches.  Not just a Bible study, this is a heart study. While you study these women’s hearts, the Holy Spirit will also show you your own heart. His goal will be to see your heart cleansed and filled with His precious, life-renewing kingdom treasure.


“This book is intended to spark individual renewal.... Ford conveys her message through stories of well known biblical women.... Her conversational style makes the reading easy and lightens the well-researched information.” — CBA Marketplace 

Healing for the Heart: The Hope of Full Surrender


Amid their unfulfilled dreams and broken hearts, Christian women can take comfort in the many times when God tenderly intervened in the wounded lives of biblical women. Again and again He not only touched aching hearts, but healed them. In volume two of the Women of the Word series, readers will meet their biblical counterparts, feel their pain, and witness their ultimate restoration through God's gracious extension of His love and compassion. The stories will inspire women today and help their faith grow as they reach out for healing in their own hearts.

Triumphs of the Heart : The Promise of Joyful Living


When we open our spiritual eyes in this broken world, the suffering around us--and even within us--pains our hearts. It leaves us wondering, "What can I do? What is the meaning of all of this?" God answers clearly through His Word that if you are willing to reach out with a fresh purpose and dedication, He will fill your life with joy and use you to advance His Kingdom. The Bible tells of woman after woman who endured trials and tragedies and experienced God's victory in her life. Unable to see these faithful sisters face to face, you will get to know them heart to heart. You will read how God prepared them to claim His resources of wisdom and strength in even the darkest hours--and to rise up in faith to experience great triumphs. In their stories you may even see yourself and hear God calling you to rise up to the specific purpose and victory He has for you.

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