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The Path of the Righteous

The righteous – those who, by grace, are made such through Christ’s blood and who choose His righteous path – find themselves beset with many tribulations in their life's pilgrimage. Sometimes, they feel that they have lost their way, that all is not right, that perhaps God has abandoned them. Yet, they inch forward, learning the life of faith. Then -- Praise God! -- the night of darkness, doubts, and fears passes; light breaks forth in their souls; their vision clears; their hope returns; they smell the sweet atmosphere of heaven. Instinctively, they know their goal is just over yonder hill, that shortly they will see Christ, the “sun of righteousness,” face to face; that soon the enrapturing day of knowing even as they are known will overwhelm them; and, that soon they will shine eternally within the Kingdom of Light. Press on, children of the Most High God. FULL DAY will soon explode upon you! HALLELUJAH!

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